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Dear Colleagues, this year we are in a unique situation...to be honest the whole year is a unique situation but what we should not forget is that diseases like blood cancer don’t stop because of a pandemic. For many people a stem cell transplant is the only option left in a long battle against a variety of cancers. LeanIX always looks for ways to give back to the community and this year among others we decided to partner with the DKMS.

On this page you can register to receive a registration kit and become a potential donor. Some of you might already be registered! That’s awesome! If you already are or want to help by funding the registrations, you can also donate. LeanIX will match all donations up to an amount of 2.500€.

Thank you for helping spread awareness and deleting blood cancer!

Every 15 minutes a patient in Germany is diagnosed with blood cancer and only one third of all blood cancer patients find a suitable donor within the family. Every tenth blood cancer patient looks for a suitable donor in vain. Your help is needed! Many blood cancer patients need a stem cell donor in order to survive and maybe you can soon give them a second chance at life!

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Register as a stem cell donor

DKMS : How to become a stem cell donor?

Registration as a potential stem cell donor is easy. In order to do so, simply request a registration kit online to complete at home. You will receive a kit in the post containing cheek swabs, instructions and a consent form to sign. Use these swabs to take a tissue sample from the inside of your cheeks, before sending it back to us together with the signed documents. Next, our laboratory will use your cheek swabs to analyze your tissue type, in order to determine if you are a potential match for someone in need of a stem cell donation.

What happens after registration?

DKMS: What happens after registration?

In the laboratory, your sample is analysed to determine your tissue type. After your sample has been typed, your data is stored confidentially and made available in the global search for potential stem cell donors. We will send you a welcome email and a donor card – which you can provide to us for things like changing address. You can now be found as a potential match for someone in need of a stem cell donation anywhere in the world.

How a stem cell donation works

DKMS: What happens if you are eligible as a stem cell donor?

The blood stem cell collection will take place at a specialist collection centre, which has been certified by DKMS. All expenses will be covered and DKMS is there to help every step of the way. In around 80% of cases, the donation is carried out via peripheral blood stem cell collection. In around 20% of cases, bone marrow collection is used to collect blood stem cells from the bone marrow at the back of the pelvic bone.

Become a donor

In general, any healthy person between the ages of 17 and 55 who is not already registered with the DKMS or another registry can become a stem cell donor.

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