What is the DKMS Life Science Lab?

DKMS Life Science Lab is a tissue typing laboratory that has been set up in accordance with state-of-the-art scientific aspects, that is accredited pursuant to international guidelines (ASHI and EFI) and which is currently one of the world’s largest institutions of this type. DKMS Life Science Lab conducts more than 60,000 HLA tissue typings (Loci) of stem cell donors for DKMS every month.

The tissue typing procedure applied in the process is the so-called high resolution sequencing according to Sanger. In the adjacentclinical HLA lab, HLA tissue typings and compatibility examinations are conducted for patients, family members and HLA tissue typings in the scope of the unrelated donor search as well as scientific studies.

The search unit connected with DKMS Life Science Lab is accredited by the ZKRD Central Bone Marrow Donor Registry in Germany and it conducts searches for family and unrelated donors for individual patients.

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