Financial questions

Why does DKMS ask for monetary donations?

DKMS is dependent on monetary donations for the further expansion of the database. Although the costs incurred for registration have become significantly lower over time – from DM 600 to €35 – we still need to generate them from donations. Unfortunately, this price cannot fall any more without deviating from our standards of quality.

When DKMS was founded in 1991, we received start-up funding from German Cancer Aid and the Federal Ministry of Health for multiple years. However, this aid ceased at the end of 1994.

How is DKMS funded?

Until 1994, DKMS was financially supported by the German Cancer Aid and the Federal Ministry of Health. Since then our funding has rested on two pillars: Firstly, we receive monetary donations from individuals and businesses. Secondly, DKMS receives reimbursements from public health insurance funds for maintaining the database, carrying out additional laboratory examinations, and organizing the collection of stem cells.

Do I receive a tax donation receipt / donation certificate for my monetary donation?

We issue donation certificates for donations as little as 50 euro. Therefore, please make sure to provide us with your name and address:

Confirmation of your donation: According to the last notice of exemption received by us and/or according to the appendix to the corporate tax assessment by the Tübingen tax authority, Tax ID No. 86168/15007 dated 05/25/2018, we are exempt from corporate tax in accordance with Section 5, Para. 1, Item 9 of the Corporate Tax Act and from trade tax in accordance with Section 3, Item 6 of the German Trade Tax Act due to the promotion of the humanitarian and charitable purposes below, the promotion of science and research as well as the promotion of public health knowledge.

It is confirmed that the contribution shall only be used for the promotion of humanitarian and charitable purposes below, the promotion of science and research as well as the promotion of public health knowledge.

Why doesn't my health insurance provider pay the cost for typing?

According to the provisions of Volume V of the Social Code (Sozialgesetzbuch V, SGB V), health insurance providers may only bear treatment costs for the recovery of the person insured. On the other hand, if you are eligible as a donor, the patient’s health insurance provider shall assume all additional costs arising due to a possible stem cell transplantation. These include further examinations of your blood as well as the costs associated with your stem cell donation in the hospital, your travel expenses, and any loss of earnings you may suffer.

Health insurance providers support us with file maintenance, among other things. The quality of donor data (e.g. up-to-date addresses) is very important for our work. This is one reason why DKMS sends a DKMS donor card to all potential stem cell donors and writes to them once a year. In this way, we can check addresses and keep you informed about new developments.

Who bears the costs when I donate stem cells to a patient?

The health insurance provider of the affected patients will pay for all required examinations and treatments in the run up to the donation, as well as for your hospital stay, if applicable. Likewise, it will assume the costs of any loss in earnings, travel costs, and other non-medical expenses. Cellex/CMS regulates all organizational aspects for you. You do not need to worry about anything. DKMS will handle the billing of the health insurance provider. The employees of Cellex/CMS are happy to advise you with regard to any questions you may have in connection with a stem cell donation.