“It’s an unbelievable feeling of happiness” — stem cell donor Udo saved Tim’s life

27 March 2014

I decided to register with DKMS because I felt it was important to help ill people. Then, on the day that I received a surprise call, it became clear that I would actually be donating stem cells and I realized that this was a unique opportunity to save a life. At the same time, I felt anxious about the impending surgery since I was going to be donating bone marrow. Despite all my fears and concerns, the thought of possibly giving someone a new life outweighed everything else. My fears turned out to be completely unfounded in the end, and I’m happy that I made a donation. Shortly afterwards, I found out that my stem cells would help a young boy.

It’s simply an incredible feeling of happiness to see Tim so healthy.

For two years, I kept on wondering whether he was doing well and if he had actually pulled through. When I was finally able to meet Tim, I didn’t know what I should say at first. The encounter itself was very emotional for me; I was overcome with a great sense of happiness and pride just seeing a healthy and lively boy in front of me. Since we don’t live far from each other, I regularly meet him and his family now. We have become great friends.

By the way, Tim is the new face of the DKMS television commercial and even the Express newspaper has reported his story on the front page!